The terms below describe what you can and cannot do with the images that you can find on stefrosselli.com.

You are free to:

Use the wallpapers downloaded from the stefrosselli.com Goodies Box as backgrounds for computers and other devices of yourself, your friends and family.

Without my explicit written permission, you cannot:

  • Sell my artworks in any way ;
  • Use my artworks in your business identity ;
  • Use my artworks as part of your design ;
  • Use my artworks as part of anything that you sell ;
  • Use my artworks in graphics for your business ;
  • Use my artworks in any way without giving credit to me (linking to stefrosselli.com) ;
  • Use my artworks in any kind of templates (such as themes for software, website, CMS, etc.) or other redistributable products (free or paid).

You absolutely cannot:

Use, without my clients prior permission, any image of works I made for them.


These Terms of Use may be revised and updated at any time without notice.

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